Hosanna House

Each July and August we have a second pilgrimage to Lourdes open to all ages. The Group stays at Hosanna House in Bartres – a small Village near Lourdes. Hosanna House is owned by our sister organisation in England, The Pilgrimage Trust.

All those who travel on this pilgrimage pay their own fares.

Staying in Hosanna House is like being in a comfortable family home, although the facilities are those of an excellent hotel.  Guest have the benefits of first class accommodation and cuisine, but also the freedom to make a ‘cuppa’ or put their feet up as they wish.

There is a most spectacular view of the Pyrenees and visitors wake up to the sound of cow bells from the valley.

If you have an interest in the next pilgrimage to Hosanna House, please contact our HQ for details of fares and application forms. - Phone Number 091 796622


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