Testimonial from parent of a young person who travelled to Lourdes with group 136 at Easter 2009

I am writing to express my sincere thanks to the IHCPT for selecting my daughter for group 136 and taking her on this year’s Pilgrimage to Lourdes. She had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed her first trip away, on her own, from family and home. The group 136 helpers were very honest in their dealings with me when I rang them each evening to enquire about her progress with the group and her daily activities. It has truly been a huge milestone in her life as she has been in the group spirit since she came home and receiving the disc with the photos and video gave her a great boost.

I cannot thank them enough for their dedication and efficiency in caring for children like my daughter.

I ask God and Mother Mary to bless and protect each one of the members and once again my sincere thanks and appreciation to group 136.

May God bless you with all the choicest of blessings.

Yours sincerely