Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Autumn Trust Talk!

For many of us the Summer months have been a time of rest and relaxation and I certainly hope that you made the very best of the wonderful sunshine that we enjoyed this Summer. I hope that the 46 groups who travelled at Easter have enjoyed a well earned rest and are now thinking about the new Trust year. 2018 has been a very successful year for the Trust. The smiles and positive feedback from Easter are still in our minds and hearts and we continue to treasure the memories created at Easter. As Our Lady pondered all these things in her heart we too ponder on the many miracles that occur in our lives as part of the Irish Pilgrimage Trust.

The Trust publish newsletters every Spring and Autumn. Here is a list of recent newsletters that have been published. Click on a link to read each newsletter or click the download link to save the document to your PC.

Documents are in pdf format and require Adobe Reader in order to view them. Adobe reader is available here.

 TitleModified DateSize 
Autumn 201920/09/20193.05 MBDownload
Spring 201909/09/20193.79 MBDownload
Autumn 201824/09/20186.30 MBDownload
Spring 201806/03/20181.38 MBDownload
Autumn 201720/10/20177.21 MBDownload
Spring 201714/06/20173.69 MBDownload
Autumn 201628/09/20163.79 MBDownload
Spring 201629/02/20163.34 MBDownload
Autumn 201511/09/20153.63 MBDownload
Spring 201525/02/20153.56 MBDownload
Trust Talk Autumn 201417/09/20146.80 MBDownload
Trust Talk Spring 201411/04/20143.47 MBDownload
201410/04/2014150.00 KBDownload
Trust Talk Autumn 201303/10/20133.27 MBDownload
Trust Talk Spring 201309/03/20132.70 MBDownload
Irish Trust Talk Autumn 201214/09/20121.53 MBDownload
Trust Talk on tour - 12th April 201212/04/2012414.95 KBDownload
Trust Talk on Tour - 10th April 201212/04/2012407.51 KBDownload
Trust Talk on Tour - 9th April 201212/04/2012237.20 KBDownload
Irish Trust Talk Spring 201212/04/20122.14 MBDownload
Irish Trust Talk Spring 201114/02/2012613.88 KBDownload
Irish Trust Talk Autumn 201114/02/20121.38 MBDownload
Irish Trust Talk Spring 201014/02/20121.95 MBDownload
Tuesday Trust Talk On Tour 6 April Final14/02/201238.04 KBDownload
Thursday Trust Talk On Tour 8 April Final14/02/201235.89 KBDownload
Friday Trust Talk On Tour 9 April Final14/02/201242.01 KBDownload
TrustTalk-Autumn 2010 High14/02/20124.63 MBDownload
Trust Talk-Autumn 201014/02/20121.11 MBDownload
Spring Newsletter14/02/20121.33 MBDownload
Autumn Newsletter14/02/20122.92 MBDownload
January Newsletter14/02/2012110.29 KBDownload
Autumn Newsletter14/02/2012592.56 KBDownload
Spring Newsletter14/02/20123.03 MBDownload
January Newsletter14/02/20121.13 MBDownload
Spring Newsletter14/02/2012249.90 KBDownload
June Newsletter14/02/2012288.39 KBDownload
June Newsletter14/02/2012208.57 KBDownload