Hosanna House

The Trust has an annual pilgrimage in June to Hosanna House in Bartres, close to the town of Lourdes.

Hosanna House is a house run by The Pilgrimage Trust (HCPT), just outside the village of Bartres about 2 kilometres from Lourdes. In the hills it is a tranquil residence that is a home from home for those who travel there and also gives immediate and easy access to the Shrine at Lourdes. Capable of accommodating 110 pilgrims the house provides all catering needs for the week.

Two groups travel to Lourdes each year in June. This is a very different week to the Easter Pilgrimage. A more relaxed pace, designed for an older pilgrim the week is a wonderful way to experience Lourdes. Lourdes is different at this time of year also. Warmer yet quieter. The pilgrims participate in all of the activities at the Grotto and also manage a day excursion away from Bartres. Evening times are spent relaxing on the verandas of the house taking in the panaromic views. The beautiful oratory is available at all times.