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CYCLE 2014

We are delighted to announce our provisional dates for Cycle 2014.


July 20th                                                                        First Cycle Meeting

July 21st                                                                        First Practice Cycle

Sept 28th & Sept 29th                                                   Fundraising & Practice Cycle

Nov 23rd                                                                       Cycle Meeting

Nov 24th                                                                        Practice Cycle


Feb 22nd                                                                        Cycle Meeting

Feb 23rd                                                                         Practice Cycle

April 5th                                                                          Final Meeting

April 6th                                                                          Final Practice Cycle

April 9th                                                                          Bikes Depart Cherbourg

April 12th                                                                        Cyclists Depart for  France

April 18th                                                                        Cyclists Arrive in Lourdes

April 20th      Easter Sunday                                         Cyclist fly back to Ireland

If you require any further information please email Pat Jordan at