In June 2015, HCPT has been renamed and rebranded.  Although the initials will remain the same, HCPT, it now stands for 
'hosanna house and children's pilgrimage trust'     HCPT's new branding

HCPT is a similar organisation in the United Kingdom that brings young people with special needs from Scotland, Wales, and England to Lourdes. Associated with HCPT also are groups from Romania, Slovakia and The West Indies. HCPT also have two houses in Lourdes: Hosanna House which can accomodate 110 pilgrims and The Bartres Villa that is suitable for group of less that thirty. Both houses are situated near the village of Bartres a short distance from Lourdes.

DUH or HCPT Croatia was founded in 2003 and is a small vibrant group based in Zagreb. Involved in many activities during the year in Croatia the organisers have travelled over land to Lourdes in the past year. Strongly associated with The Irish Pilgrimage Trust, DUH are developing from strength to strength.

In 1995 the first group from America came to Lourdes for Easter Week. Planning had taken place during the previous few years with support and input from HCPT and The Irish Pilgrimage Trust. As with the Croatian group there is a strong Irish involvement. ASCPG celebrated 10 years travelling in 2005.

The West Indies
The first group of HCPT pilgrims from The West Indies travelled in 1990 and the West Indies came in strength in 2005 to celebrate 15 years. A combination of pilgrims from The West Indies and from England makes up the three groups that are part of the HCPT West Indies Family.

The official Lourdes website is a fund of information about Lourdes and the activities of the sanctuary. With its own webcam this site is updated regularly.

The official Vatican website is a wealth of information about the life of the Church and provides on line many of the current documents of the Church. Through this website also is a link that gives a Vatican press release daily.

Irish Bishops Conference
The official website of the Irish Bishops' Conference. This site gives links all diocese in Ireland and is regularly updated with information by the secretariat.

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